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"We do not stop playing because we grow old

We grow old because we stop playing"

Wongfu Productions

R.I.P 11.09.10


Alright i know i havent given you guys a post lately
so here is one

so about... last week? on sunday...
w8 i dunno
2 sundays ago when the melbourne uni open day was on
i woke up a tad late
and as its sunday, if i miss a tram ill have to w8 the same time as you wait for a fking bus...
seriously melbourne more public transport please... w8 more free public transport please.. as you take enough tax from us >=]
well thats not the story
anyways back on topic...
i took the 109.... as you know or may not know
this route goes through richmond... and in richmond im not bagging the town im just saying
homeless people get on ... theres some lady lets say... call her A, and.... some other guy B.
So theres people get on, and people on the tram are actually really nice to these people, i mean, could be that they are scared but i doubt it offer seats and stuff
well earlier there was another homeless guy C on the tram and they seemed to know each other
they begin tlking to each other, and the homeless lady A says, imma marry B
and then C goes wow... congratulations, and other people on the tram also say that...
then C goes... but you know marriage is a very big thing, you have to be very committed
A goes... i know, but i reckon if two people love each other nothing should get in the way, and marrying is just to reinforce that... ( well she didnt say reinforce, kinda out of her vocab, but it was something along those lines)
anyways, i kinda tuned out after that , or more.. i forgot but that had me thinking
even people like homeless guys fall in love and shet ... i feel soo alone :(
but that means , NO PREJUDICE, if your alone like me
just think that they can find love too meaning you probs can
So just be patient and sometime it will come
be patient and some hot arse chick will come to your front door and before you know it
wife and kids.... OK BBAHAHA dont quote me XD

When i heard these people tlking about marriage and love..
man i swear, the people that live simple live complicated :)
and on the note of hobos HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA link up there spam her chat box with happy birthdays


uh oh
with the big storm of tonnes of people doing tumblrs
i think i might make the transfer sometime

good idea? bad idea?
leave what you think
and i might just stay :O


sorry about lack of posts ...
study actaully is taking its toll

how about this

TOday through the experiences i came up with a theory
i reckon in life
you get rewarded
and then you get your opportunities to prove u deserve it

i dunno what do you guys think?

Waste of time

Why is it sometimes you use up so much time for something
why is it sometimes you waste so much time on someone
dedicate all the time
for wat?
You end up empty handed
Nothing to gain everything to lose
give everything and take nothing

Some say its love
but i dont think so
i dont even feel that way
but the way i feel
i cant really describe it
its just... weird

What do u guys think?
been in this confusing scenario?


-.- school has started

BUT..... i have holidays posts to post
so just coz school has started
and i have a tonne of exams and hw
doesnt mean i will stop bloggin
actually... i just..... nah jks

i have a snow post to blog
and some other thing that annoys me
and... something else

stay tuned


wo wo wo wo
hang on
i didnt not know that i was going to post this blog
like yer i plan when i post
but today
i cant pass it up

My mother is racist
not just any racist
like a huge arsed racist
heres some background story
this all comes back to masterchef
yer i aint a big fan but i do occasionally watch it
but theres that indian guy that just survived elimination
knocking jono out
yer quite saddening but thats not the problem here
at the start of the comp, my mum was yelling at the tv for him to get lost
then today, even though she was bagging jonos bad dishes
she adds something along the lines, " omg that indian dude, how come he is back, just his face annoys me "
ALRIGHT hang on a minute
me: thats not very nice... mum
mum:who cares, he sucks all he cooks is shet i mean curry well looks the same.
me:wow.... ok going to do my hw now bye
mum: yer you go do that failure

OK maybe my mum is just plain mean to everyone
but seriously
last time about white friends
she went berserk and swore that i thats what u get for going to stupid schools..



ALRIGHT its like holidays and i havent even made one post
pretty bad
but im going try and blog more now as i have time XD
yooo hooo


zzzzzzzz alright world cups on
i support a couple of teams
germany first XD as you may know
then netherlands but i hated how they played today ewwwww.... boring shet
brazil and spain or even portugal = 3rd
brazil coz they are epic even when they are not trying their in a league of their own
spain coz star players
portugal coz.. NO. 7 ronaldo yer he soo sexy >_> nonono aint gay not gay
just that he runs reall fast
and the way he says LIQUID ENGINEERING and honestly he is pretty skilled

who i think will win?
yer i dont like they play but hey they are good
and i believe they are good enough to win
hope they dont? lol

so which team do you like?
and do you stay up for this
or do u think that the world cup is overrated?



has anything happened to you
impacted you soo much you cant even do you simple daily routine
and how that thing is constantly in your head?
yer its happening to me now
and it is really annoying

had maths tutoring
and usually do a tonne of work before coz if i dont i get pwned by the tutor
woke up well watched a bit of the replay of australia getting owned by germany
Wo0T yer screw australia ive been g0ing for germany since i was a little kid
so back to work i go
im into it do a couple of questions ... and then
whhhhhhooosh that scene that happened just came rushing into my head
AGAIN three days straight
and yer tears in the eyes were hard to hold back...
in these times i usually listen to music.... just takes me elsewhere
again didnt work

ended up with no work done
end up going to tutor
got owned
and didnt even bother
coz wats going in my head aint maths....
its that friggen memory replaying again and again
sometimes in slow mo sometimes normal
wateva speed it really drags me down

So if you guys out there have similiar feelings
post how you get over these things... i know how people say time heals all things
but literally that hasnt worked for me
in this one and others....



are only in your head
they may seem real when ur asleep
but wake up and realize stuff like that shet doesnt happen

you can plan everything in your head
plan every word
plan every response
but when you really there you never even get the chance to say any of it

even if you think it would turn out bad , plan for it to go bad
it goes bad
but it doesnt
nor does it turn good
it does worse than the bad you think
adds some aspect to it that smashes you around
causing you not to stand
and the only think you can do is sit around
stop stare

yer thats was my formal night
how great was that.. zz
formals bahhhh